Advisory Board

The purpose of the North Sound Behavioral Health Advisory Board is to advocate for a system of care that is shaped by the voices of our communities and people using behavioral health services. The delivery of behavioral health care is competent, compassionate, empowering and supportive of personal health and wellness. Care needs of the region are understood, defined and championed. The Advisory Board will provide independent and objective advice and feed back to the North Sound BH-ASO Board of Directors and local jurisdictions, and county advisory boards and service providers.

Download our Advisory Board Bylaws.

Monthly Meetings

The North Sound Behavioral Health Advisory Board meets the 1st Tuesday of each month from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. All meetings are open to the public. Meetings are being held on a virtual platform until further notice.


The membership of the Advisory Board consists of persons with lived experience and parents and guardians of persons experiencing and/or are in recovery from a behavioral health disorder, law enforcement, retired professionals and Tribal representation. Members from each county are appointed by their respective counties. Members are appointed for 3-year terms. If you would like to serve on the Board or attend a meeting, please contact Maria Arreola at 360-416-7013 or

Island County

Chris Garden
(No statement)
Candace Trautman
My commitment as an Island County representative on this board is rooted in prevention of suicide deaths and the hard work of recovery for everyone who is affected. It is reality that some people consider taking their own life. Some attempt, and a few attempters die by suicide. It affects all of us. My personal passion lies in education and research in the field of suicidology. Serving on the North Sound Advisory Board provides an avenue for my support of our regional Crisis System.
Brittany Wright
(No statement)

San Juan County

Diana Porter
(No statement)

Skagit County

Ron Coakley
I feel that my role as an Advisory Board member is to learn all that I can about the state of behavioral health treatment in the region and to work toward making that system function in a manner which benefits our community. I am privileged to be allowed to serve alongside this group of advocates as we try to achieve this goal.
Duncan West
Serving on the Advisory Board of the North Sound BH-ASO is one of the most rewarding and impactful of my volunteer activities. The group is made up of interesting individuals who are passionate about advocating for the needs of the behavioral health community and clients in the North Sound counties.
Patti Bannister
I have worked in the field of substance use disorder (SUD) for the past twelve years. My passion and desire to learn about Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health grew out of self-preservation. I used to be removed from the realm of Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders, thinking that it could never happen to me or my family until reality hit that it can happen to anyone. After witnessing many losses throughout the county, I made it my mission to understand what barriers exist that impede individuals from seeking out or remaining in treatment. No one wishes to continue on a path of pain and self-destruction, and sometimes the best way to reach out to them is by improving our own systems of best practices adapting to a more flexible recovery model which is individualized, and client driven. I serve on this board as one small voice to the collective whisper of all who have departed too soon or the anguished cries of those currently fighting their way out. I am humbled by those that have fought the battle to live happy, stable lifestyles and I am continuously grateful for the lesson of becoming a better human.

Jere LaFollette

(No statement)

Snohomish County

Joan Bethel
I have served on the board for 6 years. I have been volunteering for senior services counseling for 15 years in the community.
Jack Eckrem
(No statement)
Marie Jubie
I joined the Regional Support Network (RSN) now the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) because I believe patients with mental health substance use disorders need more advocacy. Through the years we have helped many people learn a lot. Members of the Board have shared laughs and tears along the way. It has been the best advocacy of my life. It helps me in my struggles to think of others.
Pat O'Maley-Lanphear
I have always sought ways to advocate for members in my community. My husband is a retired veteran and we have moved many times while he was on active duty, so professionally and through volunteering, I have had a lot of opportunity to advocate for individuals in our community who are struggling with chronic mental health or substance related issues. I also have a family member that continues to experience behavioral issues stemming from chronic mental illness. Participation on this Board is a rewarding way to give back to my community and attempt to make a difference. The blended professional experience as well as my family experience has given me a broad foundation and knowledge of the issues that I can apply to the advocacy functions of the Board.
Fred Plappert
(No statement)
Jennifer Yuen
I have served on this Board for six years. I also served on the Counsel and Aging Board for 6 years. I’m passionate about individuals who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorder. I feel no one should be left behind due to treatment barriers.

Whatcom County

Arlene Feld
My three years on this board have given me an amazing opportunity to influence the direction of behavioral health care in five counties. Most importantly, this board has influenced planning and filling the gaps in behavioral health care. Additionally, we lobby state government for funding, inform our local counties about added resources and frequently adding needed programs.
Mark McDonald
(No statement)
Michael Massanari, MD
Ours is a culture given to individualism, meritocracy, and self-aggrandizement. It is all too easy to marginalize those who for whatever reason are precluded from the mainstream. I count it an opportunity and privilege to advocate for some of those who are marginalized by our society by serving on regional and local behavioral health advisory boards.
Kara Mitchell
(No statement)

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